Sunday, March 30, 2008

Score at Target

I have a love/hate relationship with Target.

I love clearance, cute stuff and free stuff.

I hate the return policy and the lack of pharmacy gift cards for transferring prescriptions.

Today I had a love experience...

90% off Easter clearance. Boaz is going to have a kickin' egg hunt with his cousins next year- I kind of went a little bit crazy, there- I admit it!
* I'm not counting Easter clearance into today's savings.

OK, on to the real savings:

7 trial size Huggies baby wipes
8 trial size boxes of personal items
3 J & J trial baby shampoo
2 J & J trial size 24 hour baby lotion
1 trial size Jergans hand cream
2 trial size Dove deodorant
1 travel size antibacterial wipes :)
1 trial size Tylenol

Should have cost: $19.49
Did cost: -.65 (added into awesome Easter sale items)

*Coupons are cool!

*If a coupon doesn't state that it excludes trial sizes... go ahead and get the trial size and try it for free!

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