Monday, March 31, 2008

Yay for saving money!! :-D

I don't have pictures of the things I got for free or really cheap, but I went grocery shopping Saturday AND Sunday at Meijer and saved a total of $121 Saturday and $156 Sunday between in store sales and coupons ($90 - some dollars of it was pure coupons)!! I researched ahead of time and planned menus for the next couple of weeks around what was on sale and what I had coupons for and I stocked up on some things that we use often. We shouldn't have to buy anything other than milk and produce for several weeks!! :-D Oh, and I have a $5.99 rebate - from bic razors - that I put in the mail today that I will be getting back so that can be added into the savings also.


Laura Webber said...

I am SOOOOO impressed! Way to shop!

Laura Webber said...

OK... so I need the break down... what did you actually spend out of pocket? (I hope I'm not being too nosey!) I'm abundantly impressed!

Kara said...

Between the two shopping trips, we spent about $370 (i'd give an exact amount, but I already mailed in one of my receipts for the rebate :) ), which is a lot for one weekend, but we're planning on these groceries lasting us several weeks instead of just two, like we usually do. We normally go grocery shopping every other week and spend anywhere between $250 and $300 - or $150/week. If these groceries last us even only 4 weeks, we've brought our weekly bill down to $92.50 - but I'm sure most of the things we've bought will last even longer. We'll only have to pick up milk and produce to add to what we've already got. :) I suppose this method of shopping would only work for those of us with an extra freezer!