Friday, April 4, 2008

Donate used textbooks to Asia

Ok so this doesn't really have anything to do with saving money, but it is something small you can do to help others.

As I was packing up my belongings to move to my new house, I came across about a dozen textbooks from college that the bookstore wouldn't buy back so I was stuck with them. So there they were on my bookshelf collecting dust and they hadn't been used in years...if they were ever used at all (depending on the class) :) I thought about donating them to a few local libraries, but then I found that they don't take used textbooks...BUMMER!

So I found this website...all you have to do is pay shipping to send them to the donation center (approx. $19 per 50 lbs) The shipping and the value of the books that are donated are tax deductible AND you can put your old textbooks to good use.

Check it out...

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must said...

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