Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Mrs. Dave Webber strikes again!

Last night, as my $5 off a $15 purchase coupons were on the verge of expiring, I decided that I needed one last 'Hurrah Moment' (*sigh*) shopping with them! Headed out to 2 CVS's to score as much ALL Small and Mighty as I could. Funny, I ended up buying ALL they had!

I purchased 6 bottles at one CVS and 5 at the next. I decided to stock up so I would not need to buy laundry detergent for the next year (or more)! Yippee! I already LOVE doing laundry (a weird quirk to my personality, I know) but now I will have a little bit more to smile about with every load!

This picture entails:
11 bottles of ALL Small and Mighty =$0.00
$4 off of $20
$5 off of $15
pharmacy gift card

5 (24 count) packages of CVS pain reliever =$0.00
$4 off of $20
$15 in ECB
$1.06 on gift card

THEN... I went to Rite Aid, as I have a $30 gift card for getting my prescription filled there.

*NOTE: to be honest, the store is HORRIBLY laid out, some aisles are way too narrow to use a cart, AND... the worst part, there were boxes of unpacked merchandise blocking nearly every aisle, stuff was EVERYWHERE... it was awful! (Not to mention that the store just seemed dirty!)

But I was determined to get good use of my gift card. In their sale paper, they were offering items for free with an online rebate system. I had nothing to lose, I was already spending their money (gift card reward), not fronting my own... bring on the deals and freebies!

So, on the left of this picture, I have my Rite Aid items.
Should have cost: $21.00ish
On sale for $13.00ish
I used $1.00 coupon
I spent $12.00ish (on gift card)
I will receive back $13.00ish

For the love of free stuff, I hope Rite Aid pans out. I'll keep you posted!

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Kara said...

wow, I'm impressed!