Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sizzling Summer Deals

Yahoo!! Did I hit the jackpot today! Now, I must admit that I went to two stores and like a super-hero, I did maximize my couponing abilities, but the deals were incredible. Here is the break down:

Kroger--This week Kroger is running an awesome deal if you have not already seen the add. After you buy ten items, you get $5 back in your pocket. How cool is that. The goodies from Kroger include:
2- Large Bags of Cheetos
2-Boxes of Cheese-Its
4-Bags of Gold Fish
2-Tubs of Philly Cream Cheese (one of them being the Whipped Version)
2-Tubes of Crescent Rolls
2-Marie Callender Pot-pies
2-HD Ice Creams
2-Lipton Rice Bags
1-Pillsbury Pizza Crust
1-Pillsbury Dinner Rolls

The total cost should have been: $43.01
However the bargain shopper only paid: $15.00
(**Note--Think ahead, summer is quickly approaching. I usually do not buy these items on a regular basis, but with summer BBQ's and trips up to the cottages, these items will come in handy!!)

Now here is the real winner: Larry's Foodland
2- Lawry's Marinades (each priced at $3.19)
1-Danactive Drinkable yogurt (priced at $2.50)

The total cost should have been: $8.88
However, the bargain shopper only paid: $0.50---YES, only 50 cents!!

If you know me, I am near and dear to Larry's. The double ALL manufactures coupons up to $1.00 every day. This week the Lawry's Marinades (retail at $3.19 a piece) are on sale 10--for--$10. Now if you are a thrifty gal like me, you found the coupon in this weeks Sunday Paper for 50--cents of Lawry's Marinades, and once it is doubled, the marinade is actually FREE!! You can't get better than that.

So, as a total recap, 23 items, which should have cost $51.89, I got for $15.50--I think I need a nap from all of the great deals!

I hope your deals are just as great! Happy Shopping!!

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