Tuesday, April 29, 2008

I Heart Susie's Kroger

(Susie, you are SO famous!)

Sunday after church, as I eluded to before, I went to Susie's Kroger.

I Heart double coupies!

I spent $81 and saved $181.
I have $6 coming back in a MIR.
I received $6.50 in Kroger Bucks on my Catalina.

As for CVSing...

I spent less that $1 and saved $28.
I earned $6 in ECB's

So really...
I spent $82 and saved $209

With my MIR, K-Bucks and ECB's
I spent $63.50
and saved $227.50

Not too shabby!

To be honest Ladies, I would LOVE to have a once a month lunch after church with a "Book Study" type conversation, followed by a trip to Susie's Kroger together. What do you think?