Tuesday, April 1, 2008

See a Penny

See a penny pick it up,
all day long you'll have good luck!

Before I became pregnant, I always stooped over to pick up lost coins- I have a jar dedicated to my "pennies from Heaven" that I have found. I also collect lost nickel's, dimes, quarters and paper money as well. Last year alone I found $130 in paper money!

When my ever expanding belly became just too large for me to easily (or gracefully) bend to retrieve my treasure, I gave up collecting. It's not that I don't hunt for lost coins, I just share the wealth and hope some cute little kid finds it and will be just as excited as I always am!

Anyway, today I found this penny, and yes... I did pick it up. I figure, YIKES, I could need this for when I pay (if I actually do pay) for my next purchase at CVS. I'm getting low in the coins section of my wallet- I seem to be using all of my pocket change to pay for my mega-purchases these days.

PS: This penny was found in the parking lot of my local CVS, no lie. I didn't need to use it today!

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